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At the First Global Soil Week (GSW) in November 2012, partners of the GSW agreed to collaboratively develop an Agenda for Action to join forces and expertise in order to contribute to better soil management and responsible land governance. This agreement is one of the main outcomes of the GSW 2012 as stated in the Chairman’s conclusions. We are grateful to share this final draft of the Agenda for Action of the Global Soil Week 2013 with you and would like to invite you to comment and contribute!

Agenda for Action of the Global Soil Week 2013

Please contact us for your comments and activities that you would like to conduct within the sketched thematic areas. We are looking forward to discuss these with you and explore possibilities to collaborate.

With kind regards,
The Global Soil Forum Team

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One comment on “Agenda for Action
  1. Massimo Moroni says:

    in order to revitalize periferic areas of the cities, public lot of ground could be granted to people for Vegetable gardens. Lots could be also granted to schools for agricoltural programs. Special agreement with municipality should be made to rule this opportunity. Surplus products should be sold on site by producers with no taxes. etc etc… If interested i can work on this.

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