On June 17th the International Day to Combat Desertification, our GSW Young Professionals, Kora Rösler and Lena Klaßen, used social media to organize a photo project ‘Photo-Action and Soil-Revelry’ in Görlitzer Park, Berlin. Equipped with picnic blankets and art supplies, a diverse group of soil lovers gathered for a photo shoot with posters they created with their personal soil messages.

“10 centimeters, this is all that regrows during a time frame of over 2000 years. Therefore, it is our priority to give a little more attention and devotion to the brown gold beneath our feet.  Pose and relax on the ground surrounded by the fertile earth and celebrate the wonderful gold that allows us to thrive!”

Soil has nothing to do with city people? – You must be joking! Personalized Soil- Messages speak clearly against that!


Photo activity and soil celebration, including soil posing. Grab your soil-compatible picnic blanket or your afterwork beer and join us in the park.


Görlitzer Park, or if you can’t make because you live somewhere else and you are fancy, send us a picture with your personal soil message


Yet we don’t talk about the soil under our feet. Thus it’s about time that we talk about soil.

The year 2015 seems to be a tumultuous year and it is therefore no big surprise that it was also chosen as the International Year of Soils. However, what does soil mean for us city people in the 21st century?

The 17th of June marks the International Day to Combat Desertification, with this year focusing specifically on soil. Therefore we would like to use this opportunity to organize a little fun photo activity with your personalized soil messages and soilmates. So grab your picnic blanket for a afternoon or after-work drink, practice your most soily pose and come around and join us.

Photos were taken by Kora Rösler and Anna-Lena Klaßen


anna-lena_klaßen_portraitAnna-Lena Klaßen, from Berlin, Germany has worked in the area of sustainable forest management and water use. Currently she is working on transboundary water resource security in the Balkans and the water-energy-food nexus.



kora_roesler_portraitKora Rösler, from Berlin, Germany researches sustainable urban development at Free University Berlin and Technical University Berlin.

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