Global Soil Week 2013

The second Global Soil Week 2013 “Losing Ground?”

You are striving towards achieving a more sustainable use of soils? You are working on responsible land governance, sustainable soil and land management or international soil policy?

The Global Soil Week is your platform…
The Global Soil Week is your platform! It is the place where people from around the world meet – for instance: a soil scientist from Russia, a farmer from Germany, a politician from Malawi, an activist from India, a sociologist from Brazil, a businessman from South Africa. We all – scientists across disciplines and multiple decision-makers from politics, business and civil society – have something in common: We care about land and soils, we want to exchange our knowledge and experiences, and we want to act now and together!

You know best from your experience and expertise what works and what needs to be improved in order to achieve a sustainable management of soils and responsible governance of land. Your input and commitment is needed so that we can all jointly find ways to stop losing ground.

…to stop losing ground
We cannot afford to overlook soils. They are crucial to achieve water, food and energy security. The Global Soil Week 2012 highlighted the massive loss of soil worldwide through water and wind erosion – 24 billion tons per year. At the same time, many people, often marginalized groups, lose ground due to insecure land use rights.

…and to act in a holistic manner!
Losing ground is an effect of multiple influences. It cannot be understood and managed in silos. We have to think and act in an integrated manner considering the interactions of soils with other natural resources and social systems at multiple levels. This so-called Nexus approach is at the heart of the programme of the Global Soil Week where people with different backgrounds and knowledge gather in an open and fruitful atmosphere to create pathways to societal change.