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Global Soil Week

Article: Beckh, C., Linz, F., Weigelt, J., Müller, A. (2015): Boden – Stoff des Wandels. Der Beitrag der Global Soil Week. In: Gerd Wessolek (Hrsg.): Von ganz unten: Warum wir unsere Böden besser schützen müssen. München: Oekom, S. 29-36.

Article: First Global Soil Week Will Urge Stakeholders To Take Actions For Soils: They Are Crucial For Life! (2012) Müller, A. and Weigelt, J.

IASS Working Paper: Pathways towards Sustainable Soil and Land Governance: Discussing the Contribution of the Global Soil Week. (2013); Weigelt, J., Müller, A., Beckh, C., Srigiri, S. R., Töpfer, K. :

Please find more reports: GSW 2012GSW 2013 and GSW 2015

Food Security and Soils

Article: Discussion: Food security and sustainable food systems: The role of soil (2015) Zanella, M.A., Rahmanian, M., Perch, L.N., Callenius, C., Rubio, J. L, Vuningoma, F., Rist, S., Mapfumo, P., International Soil and Water Conservation Research.

Soil Atlas / Bodenatlas 2015

Chemnitz, C., Weigelt, J. (Eds.) (2015): Soil Atlas. Facts and figures about earth, land and fields, Berlin, Potsdam : Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), 66 p.

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Article: Scientists’ situated knowledge: Strong objectivity in transdisciplinarity (2014) Rosendahl, J., Zanella, M. A., Rist, S., Weigelt, J., Futures

Soils in the Nexus

Special Issue: Soils in the Nexus. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Volume 15 (2015) Weigelt, J.; Janetschek, H., Müller, A. und Töpfer, K.

Article: Tackling biomass scarcity — from vicious to virtuous cycles in sub-Saharan Africa (2015) Karlberg, L., Hoff, H., Flores-López, F., Goetz, A., Matuschke, I.

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Article: Land and soil governance towards a transformational post-2015 Development Agenda: an overview (2015) Weigelt, J., Müller, A., Janetschek, H., Töpfer, K., Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Book: Soils in the Nexus A Crucial Resource for Water, Energy and Food Security (2014) Weigelt, J., Müller, A., Beckh., C., Töpfer, K. (Eds.)

Soil Science: Carbon Management

IASS Book: Ecosystem Services and Carbon Sequestration in the Biosphere (2013) Lal, R., Lorenz, K., Hüttl, R.F., Schneider, B.U., von Braun, J.

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Sustainable Development Goals

IISD Guest Article: Piloting Global Thematic Reviews of the SDGs: The Case of Natural Resources (2016) Müller, A., Töpfer, K., Lobos Alva, I., Weigelt, J.

IASS Working Paper: The Role of Biomass in the Sustainable Development Goals: A Reality Check and Governance Implications (2015) Müller, A., Weigelt, J., Götz, A., Schmidt, O., Lobos Alva, I., Matuschke, I., Ehling, U., Beringer, T.

Report: Land and soils in the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Goals. Guatemala Case Study (2013) Ivonne Lobos Alva. (Also available in Spanish Language)

Article: Governance for a Land Degradation Neutral World (2013) Müller, A. and Weigelt, J.

Article: Let’s put soils on the global sustainable development agenda (2013) Lobos Alva, I., Rural21. The International Journal for Rural Development

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Discussion paper: Towards Sustainable Development Goals: Essential Criteria (2012) IASS

Land Governance

Article: Beckh, C., Gärtner, E., Windfuhr, M., Munro-Faure, P., Weigelt, J., Müller, A. (2015): Taking stock after three years of adoption: Experiences and strategies for implementation and monitoring of the UN Voluntary Guidelines on Tenure (VGGT). International Soil and Water Conservation Research.

Article: Governing the transformation of soils must urgently be improved (2013) Töpfer, K., Müller, A., Weigelt, J., Rural21. The International Journal for Rural Development

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Article: Transformatives Wissen für die Post-2015-Agenda: Reflexionen zur nachhaltigen Bodenpolitik (2015) Weigelt, J., GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society

Transforming Cities

IASS Publication: De Flander, K., Ayala-Cortés, J. (Eds.) (2015): LAB2: Different Urbanisations. Critical Dialogues Series: the New Urban Agenda ‘on the ground’. Potsdam: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS).

Article: De Flander, K. (2015): Closed Cycles – Open City. – In: Johnson, G., Toly, N. and Schroeder, H. (Eds.). The Urban Climate Challenge. Rethinking the Role of Cities in the Global Climate Regime. Taylor & Francis.

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Book Chapter: De Flander, K. (2013): Resource-Centered Cities and the Opportunity of Shrinkage. – In: Khare, A., Beckman, T. (Eds.), Mitigating Climate Change. The Emerging Face of Modern Cities, Berlin [u.a.] : Springer, p. 45-57.

Issue Paper

Economics of Land Degradation (2012)

Soils in the Global Cycle (2012)

Biodiversity (2012)

Marmo Resource-Efficiency (2012)

Global-Land-and-Soil-Degradation (2012)

Soil-and-Water (2012)

Soil Land Governance (2012)

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