The HLPF We Need

An opinion post by Patrick Lanouette

Disclaimer: The views and opinions presented here are entirely personal and do not reflect the views of the author’s organization.

As a young researcher in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection, I was very excited to participate for the first time at this year’s High Level Political Forum in New York City. Going in to this event, I definitely had very high expectations and imagined it as being the space where local progress and insights on SDG implementation could be shared and capitalized upon at the global level. After a very insightful first week, filled with numerous official sessions and side events, I am left with many questions and uncertainties regarding its true purpose and its effectiveness in bringing together information for efficient follow up and review to track progress as we approach our collective 2030 deadline. Below I offer my opinions on how the HLPF can become #theHLPFweNeed…