“Nutrition and soils in the 2030 Agenda: a contribution to the HLPF Thematic Reviews”

Monday, July 10th 2017 Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations

GSW17 Outcomes

The Global Soil Week 2017 was co-hosted by twenty two partners from four governments, intergovernmental and academic organizations and civil society networks. 250 distinguished participants provided valuable perspectives piloting contributions to the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) Thematic Reviews.

Through all our collective inputs, we were able to address the role of soil and land linked to the six SDGs up for review this year and we were able to build bridges for the review of SDG15 in 2018, thereby working in a truly integrated manner.

GSW17 Open Forum

In an effort to support the use of inclusive tools at the GSW 2017, we utilized an online interactive communication tool called with the goal of facilitating constant and increased audience participation during the Thematic Review Lab. This experimental exercise consisted in allowing participants to post questions and answer polls, displaying them on large screens around the room, and thereby enabling participants to directly interact with the speakers. The interactive method resulted in the generation of over 200 questions which could then be “liked” by fellow users, thus gauging interest in those topics accordingly.

As time in the Lab was limited, not all questions posted on could be addressed, which preempted all virtually-posted questions from being taken to the floor for discussion. In order to not lose all those rich inputs, all questions were archived, and can be found here in their original form. A selection of those questions are found below, in what we proposing as an Online Forum to continue discussions from GSW17. The collected questions (and resulting exchange) will hopefully provide insights for future focus areas. We therefore invite you to share your thoughts and exchange on topics that were unable to be discussed fully at the Lab.

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