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Sustainable Development Goals

Soil and land resources underpin and support global efforts towards sustainable development


Sustainable Land Management

Collaborative strategies to stop soil and land degradation


Land Governance

Finding appropriate governance and institutional frameworks to support livelihoods and sustainable soil use


Transforming Cities

Reorganizing our urban systems for transformation

The Global Soil Forum’s 2016 brochure

The work of the IASS Global Soil Forum with an international network of partners envisions a world in which soil is sustainably managed and responsibly governed. This is a vision in which functioning ecosystems and the equitable distribution of resources predominate over the current reality of land degradation, enduring poverty and hunger [...]

Follow the discussions of 600 participants from 80 countries!

Diverse summary reports, Chairman's conclusions, session videos, Rapporteurs' reports and presentations can be found here.

Facts and Figures about earth land and fields:

Depicting the significance and the state of land, soil and agriculture in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

Illustrating why we should fight for a just and sustainable soil and land policy.

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