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What’s going on?

  • The next Global Soil Week will take place in spring 2015. The Steering Committee of the Global Soil Forum came to this decision during its bi-annual meeting. More information on this will follow soon.
  • We are seeking an expert in soil & land rehabilitation  (m/f, full-time). (2014-04-10) download the job posting here ↓
  • We are seeking an officer for public outreach & awareness raising (m/f, full-time). (2014-03-19) download the job posting here ↓
  • The IASS is an official partner to the 20th World Congress of Soil Science (WCSS) taking place in Korea in June. (2014-03-25)
  • Soil is key for the implementation of the WEF Security Nexus. At the Nexus 2014 Conference in Chapel Hill/North Carolina, IASS and UNCCD engaged in discussions to highlight the role of soil as underpinning resource for water, energy and food security. (2014-03-19) read more →
  • IASS takes a stake in the development of pro-poor strategies in land management: The CIAT/IASS project AGORA “Acting Together now for Pro-poor Strategies against Soil and Land Degradation” will start in March 2014. The focus will be on rural populations in Tanzania and Malawi. 18/12/2013 Read more here→
  • The report of the Global Soil Weeks’ Rapporteurs is out now! It contains the summaries of the Dialogue Sessions and Plenary Sessions. 10/12/2013 click here to download↓
  • The award winning animation film „Let’s talk about soil” is now available in Turkish. (10/12/2013) Find it here→
  • Working Paper Cover shortOn the occasion of the Global Soil Week 2013 the IASS issued a Working Paper on the “Pathways towards Sustainable Soil and Land Governance”. (14-11-2013)
    read more and download it here →
  • Vacancy at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture – Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Institute (CIAT-TSBF): Environmental economist for the assessment of the economic impacts of soil degradation. (22-11-2013) find it here↓
  • Save-the-date: 20th Latin American Congress of Soil Science will take place from 9-15 November 2014 in Cuszo, Peru (14-11-2013) read more →
  • SoilSpeaks_by Stephan Röhl_2Ending soon: Exhibition “Soil speaks” of the Indian land rights movement Ekta Parishad displayed in Berlin until 15 November 2013. Read more here→
  • Let’s talk about soil in Saarbrücken: Lokaler Aktionstag “Bodenlose Zukunft?” anlässlich der Global Soil Week am 26. Oktober 2013. (11-11-2013) Read more here→
  • IASS and Joint Research Center of the European Commission sign Collaboration Agreement. (07-11-2013) Read more here→
  • The IISD was present at the Global Soil Week and provides a comprehensive report (04-11-2013). It is available for download here
  • Find the announcements for Thursday open space workshops at the Global Soil Week here→
  • Ground unsealed!
    To mark the start of the 2nd Global Soil Week, Prof. Klaus Töpfer breaks up sealed ground in the heart of Berlin. (2013-10-28)
    read more and view the photos→
  • IISD is reporting from the Global Soil Week. We are looking forward to daily web coverage and a final report after the event. Reports are made available at this website and at the IISD reporting website. (2013-10-28)
  • Launch Workshop: “Towards a European Regional/Sub-regional Soil Partnership”. Workshop held by FAO and the IASS during the Second Global Soil Week (2013-10-19) read more→
  • Theatre Performance: UNTERGRUNDSZENEN. Join us for an evening filled with inspiring performances and artistic displays of soil! (2013-10-18) click here →
  • Explaining Soil: The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) initiative aims at increasing the political and public awareness of the costs and benefits of land and land-based ecosystems. Find their film here→
  • Global Soil Forum researchers at the final workshop of the IASS-IFAD project “Pro-Poor Resource Governance under Changing Climates”. Case Studies Summaries are now available for download (2013-10-09) read more →
  • Soil issues go public: Global Soil Forum researchers featured in latest issue of Rural Development Journal Rural21 (2013-10-02) read more →
  • Talking soil awareness and exchanging ideas: The Global Soil Forum joined the meeting of European experts at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, UK (2013-09-24) read more →
  • Linking the stakeholders on land governance: The Global Soil Forum supports the scaling-up of strategies to secure community land and resource rights, 19-20 September 2013 in Interlaken, Switzerland (2013-09-24) read more →
  • Houses, traffic and industry: How does urbanization matter for soil? The Global Soil Forum attended the 7th International Conference of the Urban Soils Working Group in Toruń, Poland (2013-09-23) read more →
  • Registration for the Global Soil Week 2013 in Berlin is now open. Join us this year for an exchange of ideas and inspiring discussions. (2013-09-20) click here →
  • A source of inspiration: IASS film was nominated for animation award. Among the nominees for the 2013 animago AWARD is the IASS’s animated film “Let’s Talk About Soil” (2013-09-10) read more →
  • Transparency an essential criterion for responsible land governance. Outcomes of the 2nd Expert Hearing on the results of the G8 Summit at Lough Erne. (2013-09-09)
  • The Call for Dialogue Sessions is now closed and submitters have been notified by 15th July 2013 regarding the review results. (2013-07-31)

Global Soil Week 2013 “Losing Ground?”

The second Global Soil Week convened in Berlin, Germany, from 27-31 October 2013 was on the theme “Losing Ground?”. It brought together more than 450 scientists, policy makers and practitioners from 71 countries. We wish to thank all those who have contributed to make this event a success. A comprehensive report by IISD is available for download↓. Summaries for each day can be found below.

UNDERSTAND the role of soils in the Nexus of water, energy and food security. Scrutinizing the relevance of an EU legislative framework for soils. Discussing the economics of land degradation. Exploring other dimensions of what “losing ground” means for the Nexus.
→ Summary of Monday, 28 October 2013
→ Video: Kick-Off video
Video: “Touching Ground” plenary
→ Video: Focus I: “Understand Soils in the Nexus” plenary
MANAGE the Nexus. What approaches and strategies ensure the sustainable use of soils and land in order to achieve water, energy and food security? Thinking about the role of soil for the development of Sustainable Development Goals and in other respects.
→ Summary of Tuesday, 29 October 2013
→ Video: Focus II: “Manage the Nexus” plenary
→ Video: “Review” plenary
CREATE pathways towards sustainable soil management and responsible land governance. Specifying ways to shape land investments. Discussing transdisciplinary communication on soil issues. Bridging land degradation and poverty.
→ Summary of Wednesday, 30 October 2013
→Video: Focus III: “Creating pathways to societal change” plenary
→ Video: “Ways Forward” plenary
DEEPEN the Debates: Opening up the space for in-depth discussions to bridge various perspectives. Updating on political processes at a European and global level.
→ Thursday workshops
Upcoming Events
  1. 20th World Congress of Soil Science

    June 8 - 13
    Jeju Korea, Republic Of
  2. 20th Latinoamerican Soil Science Congress

    November 9 @ 8:00 am - November 15 @ 5:00 pm